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We partner with busy home owners to create a home they adore and which supports their lifestyle




Residential Interior Design in Dorset - Get You The Home You Dream Of

Renovating or Extending Your Home is
And if flicking through magazines, getting lost in Pinterest and trawling round the shops could get you the home you dream of, it would be done by now.

Updating your home can feel like a full time job, and you just don't have time

Much as you love your partner, you sometimes struggle to agree on priorities, colours, purpose of rooms (snooker room or home spa?)

All those little (and not so little) decisions leave stuck you in 'analysis paralysis'. At this rate it'll take years before you're relaxing on that new sofa.

You have a vague vision of your future home, but getting there just feels soo overwhelming

3 Steps to Your


It all starts with a consultation - book a call to tell me more about your project, or go ahead and book your in-home consultation if you're raring to go.  

Following that, if you're looking for further help we work with you on a Design-Only or Full Service Project, which will be tailored to your personal requirements.


- £295

The consultation package can be a standalone service to help you get un-stuck or re-inspired, or the jumping-off point to a full project. 

We can help you make decisions, throw in a few options you may not have thought of.  We'll offer guidance on  

  • colour schemes
  • space planning
  • window treatments
  • lighting
  • furniture styles
  • Art, accessories and finishing touches

Your consultation includes: 

1. A pre-consultation questionnaire , with a private Pinterest and Houzz Board

2. An in-person (or virtual) meeting at your home (please allow up to 2 hours)

3. We'll follow up with a written consultation summary, including suggested colour scheme and concept board. 


- from £700 per room

If you'd like more help following your consultation, but are happy to source items and project manage the works yourself, at your own pace, the Design-Only package is for you. 

We'll collaborate with you to create schemes for your house/rooms, pushing you a little beyond your own imagination and comfort zone to create a scheme you can't wait to see.

We'll provide:

  • 2D floor plans to see how your furniture will fit and the flow from room to room
  • Mood boards for each room, showing colours, fabrics, wallpaper, furniture, etc  
  • Relevant samples and swatches 
  • Outline schedule of works, so you can organise your trades in the right order
  • Suggested furniture, accessories (retail options) . You can source from our list, or use this as inspiration.

This is for you if you're happy to coordinate  trades, order furniture and curtains, etc, yourself.

(Your consultation fee is deducted from the fee proposal).


- from £850 per room (plus %-based Implementation Fee)

The majority of our clients opt for full service design, which combines design with project management.

This  includes everything in the Consultation and Design-Only Packages, as well as:

  • 3D Visuals and detailed presentations (up to 2 revisions per room)
  • We'll arrange for quotes from trades and suppliers and run the project for you
  • Access to trade-only suppliers with preferential pricing
  • Everything delivered and installed in one go, by our expert removals company, so you get that 'ta-da moment' when you walk in the door.

This is our VIP service to minimise overwhelm and decision fatigue and manage the day to day running of your project, leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

(Your consultation fee is deducted from the fee proposal).

Coral Interiors Bathroom vanity unit scaled


"Helen came on board shortly after we moved into a period house. Daunted by the prospect of making costly mistakes and keeping true to the essence of the house we intially asked Helen to moodboard throughout. She also project managed our bathroom whilst we were on holiday and we are absolutely delighted with the results.

I can honestly say that having Helen's expertise feels like the best decision we could possibly have made in relation to our home. Initially it felt like a luxury and something 'other people' did; but we rationalised it by comparing the cost to the price of a holiday. 

Helen has given us the confidence we needed in updating our home. She works in partnership with you so you feel you are still in control; and for us that has taken away weeks and months of procrastination driven by lack of confidence and by connecting us with skilled trades.

We have even jokingly called Helen our marriage counsellor on occasion; but it seriously does help to have her knowledge and experience when there's a difference of opinion in the household.".

Ms Lister - Homeowner, Bournemouth