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Coral Interiors relies on partnerships with excellent, reliable suppliers in the local area.

One of our key partners is Storage Works, based in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

As part of our signature interior design service we have all our clients’ furniture etc delivered to Storage Works who receive and check in the items as they arrive, keeping us updated of any damage etc, so we can investigate as needed.   We’ve been working with Storage Works for a few years now and they’ve become completely essential to how we run our business and keep our projects running smoothly.

Here’s a bit more from Matt, the manager at Storage Works in Salisbury. 
“We have worked with Helen from Coral Interiors for some years now.

We were initially contacted by Helen to act as a conveniently based self storage facility whilst she worked on dressing some new show homes.

Part of our service to her is to receive, and store, from multiple suppliers all the items that each show home needs.

Looking at the amount of items we have helped store for Helen, self storage is a great way of taking away the need for lots of spare space or having to wait around for couriers”

if you’re looking for exceptional storage services, I highly recommend Storage Works.

You can find them online here or call Matthew Willis on  01722 416 065

And once we’re ready to move all our clients’ furniture into their home or investment property, we use Spire Removals, who

 are also based on the same business Park as Storage Works. 01722 441140

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